Supply Chain Analysis

Emission Statement are experts in the effective design of supply chain networks and infrastructure. This type of supply chain analysis leads to financial costs savings and the reduction of carbon emissions, fuel and energy use.


Company supply chains often use large amounts of unnecessary energy and accumulate unnecessary costs in the operation of warehouses, transport fleets and through unsuitable network structures. Decisions regarding transport modes and positioning of facilities require detailed, expert analysis.

Our Supply Chain consultants have been integral in re-structuring and offering sustainable advice for Fosters Australia, Shell, CP Foods (Thailand), McDonald’s, Arlec, TNT and many others.

Sustainable supply chains need to be lean, but must also factor in ongoing contingencies for the impacts of climate change – from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

Many companies now see sustainability along the supply chain as a smarter and more creative way to manage their business. This includes key cost centres such as storage and freight.

Using specialised software tools, Emission Statement offers full service supply services that we guarantee will improve business performance.


To discuss Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting Services, please contact our Supply Chain Partners Conduit Consulting