Marketing Services

Emission Statement understands that consumers and staff are increasingly looking to be associated with businesses that are making an effort to positively contribute to reducing the impact of climate change.

A key component of Emission Statement’s services is to enable companies to successfully market the efforts they is to enable companies to successfully market the efforts they are truly making towards a positive environmental contribution.

This may be through Assistance with advertising and marketing initiatives including the use of our logo, our market ready stamp (see below) and through the development of green marketing strategies.


It may also include assistance with education campaigns for customers and staff on the impacts of climate change and the actions they can personally undertake to reduce their own footprint, the leadership of focus groups and staff committees to understand what your stakeholders really think about this issues or targeting low emission product strategies such as carbon neutral product lines (achieved through a detailed supply chain audit and subsequent offset purchases)

Greenwash is a term that is becoming increasingly used towards companies that are marketing their environmental credentials without truly making a substantial effort. This can have significant detrimental effects on business.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has detailed the parameters of green marketing in numerous publications (Green Marketing and The Trade Practices Act). Emission Statement will ensure that any environmental credentials that your organisation claims are backed up by real experiences and documented efforts.

We believe that companies that are making a genuine effort towards helping our environment deserve to be able to relay this to their customers and staff.

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