Consulting Services

Emission Statement help Australian businesses in all areas of the carbon economy. In addition to carbon auditing and reporting, we have our own experts in the following consulting fields of expertise:

Supply Chain Analysis – Emission Statement staff have a long history in the analysis of sustainable and best practice supply chains. Network modelling and transport optimisation services reduce costs and carbon emission intensity.

Employee Sustainability and Education – Emission Statement has helped many companies throughout Australia with the chairing and development of internal sustainability programs and Green Teams. We also provide tailored education programs to assist staff understand the ramification of climate change and encourage the uptake of energy saving measures.

Contracting Staff – Emission Statement understands that some companies require a more long-term, methodical approach to managing their carbon reporting obligations or carbon footprint calculation. In this case, we can provide short or long term contract staff to reside on-site and internally manage carbon related projects. This includes internally created NGER submissions and project management.

Marketing and Sales Assistance – Assistance with communicating your “Green” marketing message

Sustainability Consulting – Broader scale sustainability programs incorporating social, economic and environmental factors in to reporting and company policy.

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