Carbon Audit Services

Emission Statement (established 2006) is an experienced Australian Greenhouse, Carbon and Energy Auditing firm providing detailed audits and assurance work. We work with companies large and small to develop robust carbon inventories and emissions reduction programs.

All Emission Statement carbon footprint audits follow the GHG Protocol  and adhere to ISO Standards 14064-1 through 14064-3.

Our carbon footprint services will accurately measure all relevant emissions, ensure your company’s compliance with government / voluntary reporting programs and provide achievable recommendations for emissions reduction. We work with manufacturers, miners, retailers, Church groups, government entities, major events and across all other industries.

Emission Statement Clients as of June 2012 Include:


Emission Statement auditors are also members of professional bodies including the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. They follow a strict Code of Conduct and pride themselves on a no-fuss, highly professional service.

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