Legislation & Reporting


Emission Statement has compiled and managed CDP Responses for Bank of Queensland and other Australian responders.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organisation aiming to create a lasting relationship between shareholders and corporations regarding the implications for shareholder value and commercial operations presented by climate change.

Its goal is to facilitate a dialogue, supported by quality information, from which a rational response to climate change will emerge. It is now considered one of the World’s most important carbon reporting schemes, with those that do not respond to their request conspicuous by their absence in the final report.

Emission Statement not only works closely with responders to CDP, but also wholeheartedly supports its objectives.

CDP reporting allows us to measure trends in carbon reporting and performance, for instance there is now substantial evidence that carbon reductions create positive ROI for major companies.

Further details are available at www.cdpproject.

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